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Looking for public storage space in St. Francis Bay? St. Francis Bay Storage offers storage facilities in the form of large, purpose-built self storage units for all your storage needs. Whether you require storage space for your business that has outgrown its space and you need a secure holding place for storing stock, St. Francis Bay Storage offers you a convenient 24-hour accessible storage space. If you are moving home or domestic down-scaling, and need temporary storage facilities for your precious belongings that are safe and secure, St. Francis Bay Storage is your answer.

Situated locally in the St. Francis Bay Industrial area, St. Francis Bay Storage is owned and managed by St. Francis Bay resident Kelvin Atkinson. The first 10 units were built in 2006, and a further 18 units were completed two years later due to the business expanding. In addition to monthly rental, St. Francis Bay Storage offers the long-term tenant the option of Sectional Title purchase. St. Francis Bay Storage is recognized for its secure, easy-access, and hassle-free facilities. In planning and designing his business, Kelvin paid specific attention to access of the storage units, and to this end the 18-unit section has an open area in front of the units big enough to accommodate a large transport vehicle, enabling it to turn. Furthermore, the units have been specifically designed and constructed with heavy rainfall in mind - the robust brick and mortar units have been built on ground that has been purposely elevated to allow for run-off of rainwater and thereby ensuring the units and their contents stay dry.

Security at St. Francis Bay Storage is excellent, with a 24-hour armed response provided by Calibre Security. Each unit is individually alarmed, and tenants are provided with an alarm key and padlock, including remote access through the main gates. Electric fencing is in the process of being implemented.

If its hassle-free, month-to-month storage rental without complicated lease agreements you are looking for, St. Francis Bay Storage offers you a safe, secure solution to your storage needs.

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